Highlighting recent lab publications

We're proud of several recent publications contributed to by one or more members of the lab:

  • Hao Y, Romano JD, & Moore JH: Knowledge Graph Aids Comprehensive Explanation of Drug and Chemical Toxicity. CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology 2023 Notes: (In press).

  • Romano JD, Mei L, Senn J, Moore JH, & Mortensen HM: Exploring genetic influences on adverse outcome pathways using heuristic simulation and graph data science. Computational Toxicology. Elsevier, 25: 100261, February 2023.

  • Romano JD, Truong V, Kumar R, Venkatesan M, Graham BE, Hao Y, Matsumoto N, Li X, Wang Z, Ritchie M, Shen L, & Moore JH: The Alzheimer's Knowledge Base - A knowledge graph for therapeutic discovery in Alzheimer's Disease research. JMIR Preprints February 2023 Notes: (Preprint - currently in review for full publication).